Right from the selection of the female hygiene products disposal of soiled sanitary pads, lack of awareness is a major concern. As a result women are becoming susceptible to urinary tract infections and stress, Statistics suggests 73% women are not aware about the proper menstrual hygiene and about female hygiene products available in the market. Our awareness workshops address all the issues related to Menstrual Hygiene Management, a special training manual is developed for this activity.


Taking the bio-degradable sanitary product to remote parts of the urban and rural India. During our research we have identified that sanitary pads are not available in many villages and remote areas. Some women even admitted seeing sanitary pads for the first time during the awareness workshops. Our goal is to provide necessary awareness for the safe management of menstrual hygiene.


Manufacturing and providing low-cost premium Menstrual Hygiene products. The major reason for not using sanitary pads is high cost. SRK International is consistently working on providing low cost sanitary pads to all menstruating women, even those who had till now been inaccessible. We are selling sanitary pads at the lowest cost possible and consistently working further to cut down the cost with reverse engineering & innovation.